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Multi-function placement machines are also called high-precision placement machines or general-purpose machines, which can mount high-precision large and special-shaped components. Generally, they can also mount small chip components, which can cover almost all components, so it is called multiple Functional placement machine. Today, Kaiyang will talk about the basic characteristics of the multi-function placement machine:

  1. The structure of the functional placement machine mostly adopts the arch structure, which has the characteristics of high precision and good flexibility.
  2. Most of the X and Y positioning systems are driven by full-closed-loop servo motors, and linear grating encoders are used for direct position feedback to avoid errors due to screw distortion. Some use dual motors and dual screws to drive on both sides of the platform on the y-axis, and use dual linear gratings for feedback, which can effectively reduce the waiting caused by the static placement of the head and reduce the asynchronous deformation of the beam The error. There are more advanced linear magnetic levitation motors. In addition to the technical characteristics of dual drives, they also have the characteristics of direct drive, less mechanical structure wear, fast feedback, quietness, easy maintenance and high precision.
  3. Multi-kinetic energy placement machines mostly adopt fixed circuit boards, and use the movement of the placement head to achieve X and y positioning, and will not cause large or heavier components to shift due to inertia due to the movement of the table.
  4. It can accept all material packaging methods, such as tape, tube, box and tray. In addition, when there are a lot of materials in the tray, a multi-layer special tray feeder can be installed
  5. In addition to traditional vacuum suction nozzles, special suction nozzles can be used for special-shaped components that are difficult to suck. In addition, pneumatic grippers can be used for components that cannot be sucked by vacuum suction nozzles.
  6. The components generally use a top-view camera when calibrating, which has the functions of front light, side light, backlight and online light, which can identify various components. If the size of the component is too large and exceeds one FOV of the camera, the top-view camera can also perform comprehensive analysis and correction after taking multiple videos. The placement head of some multifunctional placement machines is also equipped with a placement head moving camera, which can identify various smaller components.
  7. In some products, some perforated plug-in (Pin h Paste) components also need to be mounted at the same time as other SMD components and processed by reflow soldering. The insertion of such perforated plug-in components requires the machine to have the ability to mount under high pressure. . The placement heads of some multi-function placement machines have high-pressure placement capabilities, and the placement pressure can be controlled by the program, up to 5 kg.
  8. Some multi-function placement machines can be equipped with a flux dipping system (Flux Dipping Assembly), which can carry out component stack packaging (Package on Package) and flip chip (Flip Chip) placement.
  9. Some multifunctional placement machines can also be equipped with a dispensing head for dispensing before placement, tin patching or under fill for some components.

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