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The development of artificial intelligence is now faster and faster, and various venture capitals are involved in the field of artificial intelligence. If companies can use the Internet + artificial intelligence + career, they must be the unicorn of the future of this career. Then how to use artificial intelligence to improve corporate power?

  1. AI-enabled mall sales

Especially information companies, such as Toutiao, Weibo, Douyin, etc., choose a smart and recommendable presentation method, and push the corresponding content according to the user’s habits and preferences, which allows users to spend more time on In terms of browsing content, more customer stay time was also obtained.

  1. AI skills driven

The AI system can help companies conduct real-time statistical analysis of customers, summarize and consider their gender, age, behavior habits, and even emotional and mental states, and provide corresponding services and products. Powerful search engine through artificial intelligence. This type of analysis can enhance the online strength of corporate mall sales, and requires only a few manual interventions.

  1. The operation of the supply enterprise warehousing

Through artificial intelligence robots or other intelligent customer service, complete more simple and boring tasks and liberate more labor.

  1. Quality production service

Artificial intelligence skills can be fully optimized and learned based on various constraints of the real environment, such as the geographical location of customers, suppliers and producers, transportation economy, labor availability, construction costs, taxation systems, etc., and then give A location model close to a relatively good solution. Artificial intelligence can reduce the intervention of human factors, make site selection more precise, reduce corporate costs, and improve corporate profits.

  1. Improve the power of the enterprise system

One of the well-known applications of artificial intelligence skills is to analyze a lot of historical data, learn and summarize the corresponding common sense, and establish relevant models to explain the past data and predict the future data. After analyzing historical consumption data, dynamically adjusting inventory levels, maintaining an orderly circulation of corporate inventories, and improving customer satisfaction, without increasing the cost and waste of the company's blind production, the company can always provide high-quality production services.

  1. AI promotes production power

The widespread use of artificial intelligence has improved the power of the enterprise system and reduced the occupation's dependence on manpower. Software services such as e-contracts will also greatly reduce the cost of express delivery for companies, and switch paper contracts to online contracts, making it more environmentally friendly.

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