X-Ray machine X-9200 LED inspection machine X-ray machine X-RAY equipment for PCB inspection X-RAY equipment for SMT production line

x-ray machine
SunzonTech X-ray machine LED inspection machine X-9200 has outstanding advantages in high repeatability accuracy, can accommodate a variety of large size samples, allow to use an unique angle for sample inspection, suitable for mass testing.

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Item configurations and specifications
Model X-9200 x-ray machine
X-ray machine Light tube type closed type
Spatial resolution(um) 5
Light tube voltage(KV) 110 (optional: 100 or 90)
Light tube electric current (uA) 800
Magnification Geometric magnification: 250, Geometric magnification: 1500X
Digital flat panel detector resolution 1300*1100 Pixel
Digital flat panel detector density value 14bit (16348)
Image speed(FPS) 30
Plate rotation angle 360 degree
Stage size 1700*1000mm
Stage rotation No Th
X-Y stroke 1900*1100mm
inspection range 1180*580mm
X-ray machine size 1250*1740*1750 mm(L*W*H)
X-ray machine weight 1400KG
Operate system WINDOWS 7
Power supply AC110-220V 50-60HZ 1200W
Radiation safety test <1 uSV/H


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