VCTA-V850/V850L Series 3D SMT SPI Solder paste inspection SMT SPI machine True color 3D SMT SPI

smt spi
  1. High precision control platform.
  2. High definition,high speed camera.
  3. Double projective structure grating system.
  4. Humanized GUI.
  5. True color 3D image.
  6. Multi-functional SMT SPI.
  7. Detailed SPC analysis system.

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SunzonTech’s VCTA-V850/V850L Series 3D SMT SPI apply with servo motor and high precision ball screw structure, which make him move with high speed, no vibration and no noise. AI GUI can save lots of coding time. GPU multi-processing technology combine with camera lens can greatly improve the speed of calculation and detection. SPC system can help you analyze and improve the capability of process.

Inspection system

Project Configuration
camera lens High resolution telecentric industrial CCD lens
light source RGB ring LED light source
FOV 36mm*36mm(18μm)
Process time per screen <0.6s
Inspect item Solder paste printing/red gum printing: volume, area, height, shape, offset, tin connection, glue overflow
defect type Exist, offset, more tin, less tin, continuous tin,tin tip, collapse, deformation, goldfinger, less height, over height, overflow, insufficient amount of glue, etc
Solder bump height 1~1000um
Solder paste size range 0.1mm×0.1mm~10mm×10mm
Height detection resolution 0.37μm
Height inspection resolution 1μm(Based on actual solder paste and 3D correction block)
Repeatability (volume/area/height) <1% @3sigma
Repeatability and reproducibility <10%

SMT SPI Mechanical system

PCB transport system Plate fixed method:bottom-up fixed
Automatic in&out and width adjust
Direction can be changed with one button
SMEMA standard
Rail height 900±20mm
PCB Size 50×50mm~330×250mm(can be customized)
PCB thickness 0.3mm~4.5mm
PCB warpage ±5mm
X、Y platform Motor Ac servo motor system
Precision positioning <1μm
Move speed 700mm/s

Software system

Operate system Microsoft Windows 7 X64
identification system characteristic Double light source projection system, shadow 3D detection
operation interface Graphical programming, Chinese/ English
interface display 2D/3D real-color picture
MARK Can choose two usal mark.
Multi-Mark function.
support Bad Mark function.
programming Gerber、CAD import, offline& manual programming
Code recognize One-dimensional code, two-dimensional code
MES system connection Standard port
SPC offline SPC support
SPC report Can show picture or histogram or control chart for volume,area, height, deviation

Control system

Computer host Industry computer, Intel 4 core,8G DDR internal storage,1TB hard disk
Display 22 Inch LCD widescreen display


Equipment size 95×96×158cm(Size without signal light)
Weight ~650 kg
Power supply AC220V±10%,50/60Hz,1200W
Air source 0.5MPA, 40cm³/min
Using environment temperature: 10-40℃, Humidity: 30-80%RH


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