VCTA-S810/S810L On-line SMT AOI machine automatic optical inpection SMT AOI machine High accuracy SMT AOI machine

smt aoi
  1. Various vector image algorithms to get the best capability
  2. Germany imported 5.0 mp industry cameras
  3. Import system with famous brand components
  4. Can detect any position in entire PCB
  5. Multi machines with only one operator, intelligent communication SMT AOI.

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SunzonTech’s VCTA-S810/S810L On-line automatic optical inspection SMT AOI machine use multi way for processing to improve the speed. And this also let this model's SMT AOI machine have high accuracy of detection. GPU multi-processing technology combine with camera lens can also greatly improve the speed of calculation and detection. It can also detect any location of PCB.

Visual inspection system

Project Configuration
discriminated method Vector analysis algorithm, integration logic or operation, bilateral brightness boundary distance, component body tracking, OCV, brightness template matching, color distance, color extraction (RGB & HSV), brightness range, brightness deviation, minimum span of brightness change, etc.
Camera 5 megapixel imported high-speed color camera
resolution ratio 20um(or 25um/ 15um optional)
camera lens High resolution telecentric industrial lens
depth of field 5mm (High depth of field optional)
light source RGB ring LED light source
FOV Max:40mm×40mm (20um)
0201 component <7.6ms
Process time per screen 220~450 ms
Solder printing Exist, deflection, less tin, more tin, disconnection, pollution
Component defect Missing, deviation, skew, stele, stand, trunover, reverse polarity, wrong piece, damage
Solder-bump defect less tin, more tin, continuous tin, Copper pollution
Wave soldering inspection less tin, more tin,short circuit, bract welding, sand hole
Minimum elements and spacing can be detected 0201&0.4mmpitch (20um)
01005& 0.3mm pitch(15um)

Mechanical system

PCB transport system Plate fixed method:bottom-up fixed
Automatic in&out and width adjust
Direction can be changed with one button
SMEMA standard
Rail height 900±20mm
PCB Size 50×70mm-400×330mm (can be customized)
PCB thickness 0.5mm – 3.0mm
PCB warpage <2mm(Have fixture to correct to warpage)
Component height TOP≤30mm, BOT≤30mm(Can be customized)
Driver Ac servo motor system, camera moving in X and Y axis. (PCB's no movement have benefit to soder paste and soder printing inspection)
Precision positioning <10um
Move speed Standard:500mm/s,Max:800mm/s

Software system

Operate system Microsoft Windows 7 X64
characteristic On the basis of vector calculation and cooperate with Color Extraction, Luminance Extraction and Color Distance),Accurate and analysis the position and shape of mounting elements and solder bumps. Accurate elimination of all kinds of defects.
Operational Graphical programming, what you see is what you get. Chinese/ English
programming CAD import programming, manual programming,Optional: offline programming
Computer host Industry computer, Intel 4 core,I7 CPU,16G DDR internal storage,1TB hard disk
Display 21 Inch LCD widescreen display


networking Can connect with NG machine. Check and repair PCBA defects at maintenance workstation
communication port SMEMA, RS232,RJ45


Air source 0.5MPA.80cm³/min
Equipment size 100×96×160cm (Size without signal light)
Weight ~670kg
Power supply Ac 220 V ±10%, rated power 1000W
Using environment temperature: 10-40℃, Humidity: 30-80%RH


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