SMT SPI equipment SPI machine SunzonTech Refine series Online SMT SPI equipment SPI machine for PCB manufacturing

SPI machine
  1. Multi-direction,multi- angle 3D PMP inspection.
  2. Easy to used graphic interaction interface.
  3. Comprehensive function and easy to handle.
  4. In addition to programming with Gerber file image-oriented edit mode can also realize ff-line programming and debugging.
  5. Multi Crass *section 3D Height Analysis for SMT SPI machine.
  6. Multi-touch function can realize 3D image rotation and 2D Image resizing, convenient to check and confirm solder paste condition
  7. Comprehensives SPC function includes many kind of diagrams generation and output;
  8. Image accelerate calculations base on multi-GPU;
  9. Integrated cast iron frame structure, high rigidity can avoid outside vibration interference.

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SMT SPI machine Inspection Module
Camera Specification 5M High-frequency Industrial Camera,High Frame
Pixel 20um,15um(Factory Setting)
FOV 50x40mm  38x30mm (Factory Setting)
Light Source 0-550 um
Height Inspection Resolution 0.36 um
Height Inspection Accuracy 1um(Based on the actual solder paste/calibration block)
Inspection Item Volume,Area,Height,X/Y Position,Bridging,Shape,etc
Defective Type Excessive/Insufficient/Missing paste,Bridge,2D&3D Paste displacement,Shape deformity,Dust,etc 
Repeatability(Volume,Area,Height) <1%@3sigma
GR&R(Gauge Reproducebility and Repeatability) <10%(@6sigma tolerance-+/-50%)
Inspection Speed 0.35Sec/FOV
SMT SPI machine Conveyor&PCB Size
Max PCB Size 410x410 mm 510x510 mm 410x300 mm
Min PCB Size 50x50 mm
PCB Up-Clearance 30 mm 
PCB Bottom-Clearance 30 mm 
PCB Thickness 0.5-5 mm
Max PCB Warpage ±3mm
PCB Transfer Height 3 mm
PCB Transfer Height 900+20mm
Max PCB Weight 3KG
SMT SPI machine Frame&Others
Base&Frame Integral steel casting frame,firmly,ensure the high accuracy of inspection
Dimensions and Weight 1000x1260x1600mm(WxDxH);
1070x1750x1600 mm(WxDxH);
Power Supply AC 220V 150/60Hz
Power 2.2KW 2.7KW
Communication Interface SMEMA
Air Supply 0.5Mpa
Operating Condition  5-40°C, 15-90%RH
SunzonTech SMT SPI machine Options fits
1.Barcode Reader 4.Repair Station(PC)
2.3D Calibration Target 5.Infared Muti-touch 
3.2D Calibration Glass  6.Offline Editing Software(License Key)


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