SMT AOI machines SunzonTech JUTI series SMT AOI machines for PCB manufacturing industry

smt aoi machines
  1. Super speed, high- precision
  2. High resolution
  3. FPC special detection logic
  4. Message communication between front and rear of oven
  5. Defect analysis
  6. Professional SPC data analysis and processing
  7. Centralized management, reduce manpower
  8. Multi machines remote debugging and program updates
  9. Optional dual-rail
  10. Product serial number

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 Model JTA-JUTI-X SMT AOI machines JTA-JUTI-MX SMT AOI machines JTA-JUTI-DX SMT AOI machines
PCB Spec. Dimension 50x50mm-440x480mm Double Rail 50x50mm-440x300mm
Single Rail 50x50mm-440x690mm
Thickness 0.5mm-5mm(Std)
Height Top 25mm Bottom 50mm
Bent ±3mm
Resolution 15um(Std); 10um/12um Option   12um(Std); 5/10 Option
Speed 0.25 sec/FOV
Camera Spec. 500W High Speed Color Camera  12M High Speed Color Camera
Optical Lens Telecentric Optical Lens
Light-Source  Multis pectral Super speed RGB+W Light Source
Inspection Category Component Inspection Missing,Rolling,Shifting,Polarity Error,Wrong Part,Damaged,Bended,PCB Abnormal,Residua,Glue Overflow
Solder Inspection Excess Solder,Insufficient Solder, Bridging,Lifting,Solder Balls,Soldering Abnormal
Special Inspection Items Can Check Solder Paste and Epoxy Glue Process,Soldering Quality:Checking Floating Components and Cold Joint by 3D
Hardware X,Y Table Positioning Accuracy +/-0.01mm
X,Y Table Speed 1000mm/s
PCB Loading Defined Mode:R->L or L->R,L->L,R->R(Standard)
PCB Width Adjustment By Auto+ By Manual(Standard)
Main Frame Body Whole Cast Iron
Screwing-shaft High precision ball screw
Rail  High Level Rail
Driver  AC Servo Motor
Operating System Win 7 Professional
Display 22"LCDs
Power Supply  AC 200-240V1 50/60Hz Single-phase
Power 1.7KW  2.3KW
Pressure 0.5Mpa
Dimension(W*D*H) 947x1321x1547mm      947x1321x1547 mm  947x1433x1547 mm
Weight(KG) 1050KG+/-10KG 1580KG+/-10KG
Software Inspection Method The Eigenvector Analysis&OCV Silkscreen Algorithm
Inspection Angle Area 0-360°,Accuracy=1°
Marking Function One Board Marking& Multi-pieces Board Marking&Bad Marking,etc.
Programming Mode 1.CAD Coordinate Loading
2. Component Database Auto-index
3.Auto-programming by Intelligent Software
Remote Control Network Monitoring:Offline Debugging,Online Monitoring&Manipulating,Remote Realized Examing
Data Recording Auto-generated Statistical Process Controlling Data(SPC)&Report
Quality Tracing(Option) Offline Programming System(PC)  Offline Programming System(PC)
Three-point-verification System(Option) 1D/2D Barcode Reading(S/W+License) MES/Shop Floor

Optional Fittings for SMT AOI machines

1D/2D Barcode Scanner(H/W) PIN Equipment Ligth Source Corrector


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