Selective solder machine Online selective solder machine for DIP line PCB production

selective solder machine
  1. 1. Online electromagnetic pump
  2. 2. The life of Anti-oxidation nozzle is up to six months
  3. 3. Reduce cost,economic and high-precision nozzle
  4. 4. Off-line programming,reduce down time and increase efficiency
  5. 5. Selective heating zone,ECO saving

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SunzonTech's selective solder machine combines top heater and bottom heater and it still performs perfectly even for the lead-free soldering or multi-layer boards. Top convection heater has been proved by SunzonTech selective solder machine for many years and it can offer an even temperature distribution over the complete board. Bottom IR emitter heater provides optional heating area according the custom board. At the same time, another top heater covers the soldering module and it can maintain the board temperature in all the cycle time.


Items of selective solder machine Specifications and Configurations
Max.PCB Size(mm) 510(L)x450(W)
Min.PCB Size(mm) 120(L)x50(W)
PCB Top Side Clearance(mm) 120
PCB Bottom Side Clearance(mm) 30
Clearance From PCB Edge(mm) 3
Conveyor Height From Floor(mm) 850+25
Conveyor Speed(mm/s) 0-200mm/s
Max/PCB Weight(kg) 5
PCB Thickness With Jig(mm) 1-6
Motorizing PCB Width Adjustment(mm) 50-450
Flux Storage Tank(L) 2
Spray Width(mm) 2
Solder Nozzle High-precision single nozzle
Smallest Nozzle Outer Diameter(mm) 5.5
Nozzle Inner Diameter(mm) 2.5-10
Max Solder Wave Height(mm) 5
Solder Volume(kg) 13
Max.Solder Temperature(C) 330°
Soldering Heating Power(kw) 1.5*2
Solder Diameter For Auto Solder Feeding(mm) 2
Preheat Temperature Range("C) <200
Preheat Temperature Accuracy("C) ±2
Nitrogen Supply Offered by customer
Nitrogen Required Pressure(Mpa) 0.6
N2-consumption(m3/h) 1.5
Required Particle Cleanliness(%) 99.999%
Compressed Air Supply Offered by customer
Compressed Air Required Pressure(Mpa) 0.5-0.8
Power(VAC) 380
Power Tolerance Range 6%-10%
Frequency(Hz) 50/60
Max.Power Consumption(kw) <21
Max.Amperage(A) <60
Ambient Temperature() 15-35
Permanent Sound Level(dB) <65
Basic selective solder machine Size(mm) 2970(L)x1620(W)x1700(H)
Basic selective solder machine Weight(kg) about 2000


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