OK NG PCB unloader
  1. Behind AOI of SMT production line, the OK NG PCB unloader will automatically distinguish OK NG PCB with AOI signal.
  2. PLC micro computer control which is stable and reliable.
  3. Touch screen control panel which is very easy to operate.
  4. Acoustic-optic alarm system.
  5. Customizable left to right or right to left.
  6. Use standard material rack for strong versatility.
  7. The lifting step of the material frame can be set according to the PCB thickness.
  8. The turnover box use cylinder multi-angle clamping, which is stable and reliable and can correct the deformation of the turnover box.
  9. Special rod-less elongated cylinder which is smooth with no gap. Push force is adjustable.
  10. Function of automatic preventing plate stuck
  11. Automatic distinguish OK NG PCB.
  12. Standard SMEMA signal communication mode can connect with other device online.

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SunzonTech’s NG-250-SZ Automatic OK NG PCB unloader provide a smart way for double rail production line to store OK NG PCB. It can distinguish OK and NG PCB with AOI signal and store them in each magazines. With standard SMEMA, it can connect with every machines. Further more, it can apply 6 magazines, which can highly increase productivity and save labour cost.


Equipment brand SunzonTech
Equipment model NG-250-SZ Automatic OK NG PCB unloader
Transport direction Customizable left to right or right to left
Transport height 900±20mm
Max effective PCB size PCB size 50*50 330*250 (length*width)
PCB thickness 0.5-4mm
Magazine size 335*320*563mm(L*W*H)
Magazine load PCB quantity 50 PCB for each rack
Equipment dimension(L*W*H) 1750*1530*1250mm(L*W*H)
PCB loading time 6-25s adjustable
Lifting step distance 10-20-30-40mm choosable
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz, 100W
Alarm system Acoustic-optic alarm has three color lights to distinguish the current working state, and the function of acoustic-optic alarm when the operation is interrupted
Equipment weight 210kg


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