inspection conveyor
inspection conveyor
inspection conveyor
inspection conveyor
inspection conveyor
inspection conveyor
  1. Modular design for inspection conveyor
  2. Weighted design improves stability
  3. More accurate with durable laser-cut stainless steel guide edge
  4. Smooth and parallel width adjustment (screw)
  5. Optional PCB detection mode
  6. Customizable equipment length
  7. Adjustable transport speed
  8. SMEMA compatible
  9. ESD belt
  10. Motor drive
  11. Highly sensitive "OMRON" photoelectric switch
  12. Equipped with lights

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SunzonTech’s inspection conveyor machine provide secure and caring to handling printed circuit board involving SMT manufacturing. Inspection conveyor with light will be easier for operator to do inspection or test. We consider lots for producing our inspection conveyor products such as durability and reliability. So, our inspection conveyor machine will be suitable for small and big production systems. And also it can be highly customized with attractive price-performance ratio.


Equipment brand SunzonTech inspection conveyor
Equipment model NC-BC-330/ NC-BC-400/ NC-BC-460
Transport type Flat belt conveyor / Round belt conveyor
Transport speed 0.5~20m/s
Transport direction Customizable left to right or right to left
Transport height 900±20mm
Max effective PCB size (L)445*(W)50-330mm
Equipment dimension(L*W*H) 1000mm*666mm*920mm
Lighting system Equipped with lights
Process WI Aluminum alloy craft guide bookshelf
Power supply AC 220V, 50Hz, 100W
Equipment weight 50kg


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