JUKI FX-3 SMT Pick and place machine price Speed Mounter SMD machine Surface mount device

SMD machine Surface mount device
JUKI’s FX-3 SMD machine Surface mount device stands for ultra-fast, precise placement of micro-components on printed circuit boards. It is the perfect solution for companies wanting to process large volumes. Among the strong points of the FX-3 are short retooling times thanks to quick-change feeder banks as well as minimal maintenance. The user-friendly touchscreen interface plus the powerful optimisation software provide additional ease of use. Best SMD machine Surface mount device.

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High Productivity

JUKI’s FX-3 SMD machine Surface mount device achieves a mounting performance of up to 90,000 CPH (optimum) thanks to four independent cross-rails, each with a six-nozzle placement head set on two mounting stations, providing the machine with 24 vacuum nozzles in total.

Compatible Feeders

The FX-3 SMD machine Surface mount device supports mechanical and electronic feeders that can be used optionally with feeder trolleys if required. This provides companies with the flexibility to keep using their existing equipment for the long term.

User Friendliness

JUKI’s FX-3 SMD machine Surface mount device includes a user-friendly operator interface with a 15-inch LCD touchscreen both at the front and the back of the machine for easy, intuitive use. This allows users to create pick-and-place programs even without extensive technical knowledge.

Board Size up to 800 × 560 mm
Component Height up to 6 mm
Component Size 0402 (metrisch) / 01005 (inch) / up to 33.5 × 33.5 mm
Placement Head Four Multi-nozzle laser heads (6 nozzles)
Placement Rate up to 90,000 CPH laser centering (optimum)
Accuracy of smt pick and place machine ± 50 µm (Cpk ≥ 1) laser centering
Feeder Spaces up to 240 (8 mm electronic double tape feeder)


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