E-FLOW lead-free wave DIP soldering machine(left-right) Cheap DIP soldering machine Wave soldering machine for plug-in DIP line

  1. SunzonTech's DIP soldering machine use hot air and infrared mix heating system which can increase the speed and the uniformity of heating.
  2. This DIP soldering machine has lots of advantage such as flux saving, quick response, easy coding and easy operation.
  3. This DIP soldering machine can also equip below:
  4. Use a nitrogen device, control the speed of the wave soldering, reduce the deviation, reduce the contact area, shorten the movement path, and adjust the width to reduce the generation of oxides. External spray system.
  5. We are specialist for DIP soldering machine with our own technology.

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Conveyor device Linkage type in board connection, aluminum guide rail, stainless steel chain drive.
Transfer system 1. Equipped with heavy-duty double-hook claws, anti-deformation structure design of aluminum alloy rails;
2. Manually adjust the width of the substrate;
3. Adjustable conveying angle, equipped with digital angle display;
4. The transportation speed is controlled by frequency converter and stepless speed regulation.
Tin stove system 1. The inner pot of the tin furnace is made of special cast iron with anti-corrosion treatment on the surface;
2. Direct connection motor drive wave crest, frequency conversion speed regulation;
3. Tin slag diversion and oxide reduction device;
4. Manual control of tin furnace entry and exit and lifting movement;
5. External heating device,
6. PID temperature control mode and liquid low level alarm.
Spray system 1. Modular design and spray movement is controlled by stepping motor;
2. Spray is automatic adjusted by the PCB length.
3. Digital setting of the spray width and speed.
4. Use a pressure gauge fine-tuning device to adjust the spray flow and spray particle size.
5. The constant pressure device supplies flux, flux liquid level alarm and automatic addition of flux.
6. Strong exhaust.
7. Filtration system
Pre-heating system 1. Modularity and energy-saving design
2. 1 section infrared and 2 sections hot air, higher thermal efficiency and more uniform temperature.
3. Three temperature zone, the length of the preheating zone is 1.8m.
4. PID temperature control mode.
Cooling system Strong natural wind cooling up and down.
Claw washing device Special brush cleaning.
Control system PC+PLC control system. Chinese/English operate interface, data storage function.
Technical configuration
PCB size 50~350mm(W)*120mm(H)
Transfer height 750±20mm
Transfer speed 500~1800mm/Min.
Transfer angle 4~7º
Transfer direction Left to right
Flux capacity Approx.18L
Spray exhaust Approx.30m³/min.
compressed air 4~6Bar. 100L/min.
Pre-heating temperature Max.200℃
Tin oven temperature Max.300℃
Tin oven capacity Approx.500Kg
Wave height Approx.12mm
Equipment dimension: 3600(L)*1420(W)*1750(H)mm
Weight Approx.1250Kg
Power supply Triphase 380VAC 50Hz
Total power Approx.33KW


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