DIP line plugin line 2.4m DIP line for PCB plug-in manufacture after or before soldering machine

SunzonTech DIP line plugin line - It will be suitable for many kinds of PCB DIP line plug-in production lines. We use strong material for whole DIP line body. All parts using in plug-in DIP line are famous brand and good quality. We have so many years in designing such kinds of assembly DIP line, so all details are reaching perfect. If you have any thoughts for it, you can also join our work of design to make it more perfect.

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No. Items Specifications and Materials Q'ty
1 Automatic plug-in line Specification: (L)2400*(W)600*(H) 1950±30㎜
Workbench high: 750±30MM;
2 Fuselage structure Plug-in line adjustable width range: 50-350mm
Fuselage bracket is made of 40*40 aluminum materials,
Guide rail adopts 51*56 high strength special aluminum material;
Lamp holder is made of 40*40 aluminum material;
The light adopts 25*50 light;
The table is made of 2mm thick steel plate,
Transmission chain adopts R35 plastic.
3 Drive system The transmission part adopts Taiwan "VTV" 60W conjoined motor with governor, the speed is adjustable from 0 to 3M/MIN 1unit
4 Lighting system LED "Lv Shi" brand single bracket with cover, equipped with LED "Foshan" brand lamp tube, 2units
5 Fittings The craft holder is made of 25×14 "H" aluminum, each station is equipped with a set of A4 rubber sleeve and the size is 300×240mm (A4 paper shall prevail), can free slip, one set per meter; 2units
The parts are made of 1.8mm thick steel plate, and the surface is sprayed. 2.4m
The drive sprocket, drive screw and drive shaft are all use high-quality components 1unit


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