Car component production line assembly line Car production line assembly line

car production line
car production line
car production line
car production line
car production line
car production line
car production line
car production line
SunzonTech Car production line assembly line - we have served lots of customers building their own car production line or expanding their production area. We can always know what is the most perfect scheme of customer's wishes. Customers can not only join the design of car production line but they can also put much thoughts on the design. We are always open and try our best to match the requirement of our customers.

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No. Items Specifications and Materials Q'ty
1 car production line
Specification: (L)17700*(W)700*(H)2000±20㎜;
Workbench high: 750±30MM;
2 Drive system Machine head is welded with 50*50MM iron, outer equiped with iron plate and surface spray treatment, 2units
The two sides are automatic assembly conveyor lines, and the middle is the tooling board return line
The drive system uses 2HP Taiwan "Taibang" gear reducer motor, and the inverter uses 2HP Taiwan "Aideli" stepless adjustable frequency converter, speed 0-15m/min;
3 car production line Fuselage structure Bracket is made of 50×50*2.0MM aluminum materials; 35m
Guide rail is made of 118×100MM special double speed chain guide rail;
Lamp bracket is welded with 50×50*2.0MM;
The transmission chain adopts "2060" triple speed chain produced by Suzhou Special Chain Factory
4 Power supply The lower part of assembly line is equipped with a multi-function socket. The wire uses a 6-square multi-core "Jinhuanyu" wire with 1 "Bull" brand per meter. The wire groove is made of galvanized sheet and the size is 60×80×0.8 mm; 34units
5 Lighting system The lighting system is located above the work station, using 18W LED single hood bracket with LED lamp, 28units
6 Air system The main air pipe adopts 6 points galvanized pipe, each station is equipped with a set of quick connector, 28units
7 Wind batch chute Aluminum alloy wind chute and small plastic trolley 28units
8 Hoist Whole body is made of 3MM flat steel welding, and the surface is sprayed with powder. 6units
Lifting action adopts cylinder lifting, with solenoid valve,
The transmission power adopts 120W Taiwan "VTV" conjoined motor, driving two 50MM wide anti-skid belts.
9 Blocker Control blocker: QX-2 with buffer single acting cylinder, solenoid valve control 4units
Station blocker: QX-2 with buffer single-acting cylinder, equipped with manual control valve control 24units
10 Electrical control system Adopt Panasonic PLC centralized control mode 1unit
PLC adopts Japanese "Panasonic"
The main switch uses "Zhengtai"
The leakage switch adopts "Zhengtai"
Travel switch adopts "Omron"
AC contactor adopts "Zhengtai" contactor
The relay adopts Japanese "Omron" relay
"Zhengtai" power supply, running indicator
11 Tooling board Specification: L700MM*W700MM*T25M 24units
The tooling board adopts 25M thick plywood, with green antistatic rubber on the front, fireproof board on the bottom, and a notch on the two sides of the 700 MM direction, and the "T" strip


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