Auto soldering machine UTX wave soldering machine Auto soldering machine for PCB DIP production line

auto soldering machine
  1. The transfer system uses sectional floating structure to prevent deformation of transportation rail.Non-stick titanium fingers design and directly connected to assure smooth PCB loading.
  2. Spray flux unit has integrated the mechanical moving body, gas and liquid sprayer and electrical control into one unit,and fast connect controller. New precision spray nozzle ensures efficient and even spraying, meeting the needs of water soluble soldering fluxes.
  3. Preheating system consists of three energy saving drawer structure preheating zones using hot air and infrared heating tube, allows election of mixed preheating mode and ensure temperature stability.
  4. Air cooling system ( cold water cooling system is optional).

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SunzonTech UXT series auto soldering machine is based on customer demand and adopts modular, digital and humanized design. With superiority in function, performance, stability, reliability, security, maintainability,operability and humanization, it not only reduces the operating costs, but also provides qualified products for quality, quantity and production with strong guarantee, it is the peak work in the field of soldering equipment and the best choice and brand product of the customer.


Model NO UXT-350 auto soldering machine UXT-450 auto soldering machine UXT-610 auto soldering machine
Dimension:L×W×H(mm) 4350*1480*1750 4350*1580*1750 4350*1740*1750
Weight 1800kg Approx.2100kg Approx.2600kg
Power Supply 3PH 380V 50HZ 3PH 380V 50HZ 3PH 380V 50HZ
Start up Power 32KW 32KW 45KW
Operation Power Consumption Approx.8KW Approx.8KW Approx.11KW
Control System PC+PLC PC+PLC PC+PLC
Spray Pressure 0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa 0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa 0.2Mpa~0.4Mpa
Exhaust (Top exhaust)+(Side exhaust) (Top exhaust)+(Side exhaust) (Top exhaust)+(Side exhaust)
Exhaust Ducting Diameter(mm) 250 250 250
Exhaust Capacity 30M3/min 30M3/min 30M3/min
Preheating Mode (Convection/IR emitter) (Convection/IR emitter) (Convection/IR emitter)
Preheating Length(mm) 1800 1800 1800
Preheating Temperature (Room temperature)~200 (Room temperature)~200°C (Room temperature)~200C
Warm-up Time(min) Approx.12min(setting:150°C) Approx.12min(setting:150°C) Approx.12min(setting:150°C)
Blower Motor 250W 3PH 220 VAC 250W 3PH 220 VAC 250W 3PH 220 VAC
PCB Width(mm) 50~350 50~450 50~610
Conveyor Direction L-R(Option:R-L) L-R(Option:R-L) L-R(Option:R-L)
Conveyor Speed(mm/min) 500~1800 500~1800 500~1800
Conveyor Height(mm) 750+20 750+20 750+20
Available Component Height(mm) (Top)120(Option:250)(Bottom)15 (Top)120(Option:250)(Bottom)15 (Top)120(Option:250)(Bottom)15
Conveyor Speed Control Mode (Closed loop) (Closed loop) (Closed loop)
Fingers (New Design Double-hook Type)Approx: ①(Spring Pressing
Finger): (2D-40(D-40 Type Finger);(3)(Double-hook Finger);
(New Design Double-hook Type)
Option:Fixture claw
Conveyor Angle 4~7° 4~7° 4~7°
Type of solder Pot Motor drive Motor drive Motor drive
Solder Pot Material Casting Iron Casting Iron Casting Iron
Wave Height Adjustment (Inverted)Approx:(Digital Control by PC)
Cooling Method (Air Cooling) Option: (Water cooling)
Heater Power 220V 13.5KW 220V 13.5KW 280V 18KW
Solder Pot Temperature 300℃ 300℃ 300℃
Solder Pot Capacity 480KG 550KG 640KG
Wave Drive Power 180Wx2 3PH 220 VAC 180Wx2 3PH 220 VAC 180Wx2 3PH 220 VAC
Solder Pot Warm-up Time Approx.150min(setting: 250℃) Approx.150min(setting: 250℃) Approx.150min(setting: 250℃)
Finger Cleaning System (Brush) (Brush) (Brush)


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