Assembly line transmission line (aluminium) with long workbench 11m Transmission line for many products manufacturing.

transmission line
transmission line
transmission line
transmission line
SunzonTech assembly line transmission line with long workbench - we have served lots of customers building their own product transmission line or expanding their production area. Our transmission line provide caring and secure way of transferring. We can always know what is the most perfect scheme of customer's wishes. Customers can not only join the design of product transmission line but they can also put much thoughts on the design. We are always open and try our best to match the requirement of our customers.

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No. Items Specifications and Materials Q'ty
1 Belt line specifications (L)11000*(W)450*(H) 1950±20㎜; 11m
2 PVC belt The conveyor belt adopts imported δ2mm environmentally friendly and anti-static ESD belt, seamless connection; 22m
3 Drive system The machine is welded by 40 * 40 iron Fangtong, the outer sealing iron plate, the surface is sprayed with powder, the power of the machine head adopts 1HP imported Taiwan "GPG" gear reduction motor, and the inverter uses 1HP "TGADL" inverter. Speed range 0-5m / min; 1 unit
4 Fuselage structure The machine bracket is made of 40 × 40MM aluminum material;
The guide rail is made of 40 × 60MM aluminum material;
The lamp bracket is made of 40 × 40MM aluminum material;
5 Lighting system LED "Lv Shi" brand single bracket with cover, equipped with LED "Foshan" brand lamp tube, the lamp tube bracket is made of "50*25" aluminum material, 1 wire on each side, the wire uses "Jinhuanyu" 1.5 square wire, Segmented control 16 umits
6 Power supply The lower part of the wire body is equipped with sockets, and the two sides are controlled separately. The wires use "Jinhuanyu" 4 square meter wires, two per meter, one on each side, and the wire groove is made of galvanized plate, the size is 60 × 80 × 0.8 mm 22 units
7 Air system The main air pipe is made of 6-minute galvanized pipe, and each meter is equipped with a set of quick connectors. 11 units
8 Instrument desk Width: 450mm
The instrument panel board adopts δ18mm plywood, with white fireproof board on the surface, the bracket is made of 40×20 flat iron, and the surface is sprayed with powder.
11 m
9 Long workbench Width: 400mm
The work table is made of δ18mm thick plywood, with green fireproof rubber on the surface, semicircular wood edging, the support frame is made of 40 × 20 flat iron, and the surface is powder sprayed;
22 m
10 Fittings The craft holder is made of 25×14 "H" aluminum, each station is equipped with a set of A4 rubber sleeve and the size is 210×297mm (A4 paper shall prevail), one set per station; 22 units
Aluminum alloy material, each station is equipped with a set of plastic trolleys. 22 units
The main driving roller is made of seamless steel tube and the diameter of it is 160MM, the diameter of the driven roller is 48MM, the belt support is ø25mm galvanized roller support; the return belt support is ø25mm galvanized roller; 1 unit

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1. SunzonTech is a leading PCB handling machine manufacturer in China.

SunzonTech is able to design, R&D and produce all types of PCB handling machine according to the requirement from customer.

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5. OEM service is also allowed in SunzonTech.

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What Is The Lead Time?

1. SunzonTech always has many stocks of standard machine. So the day you order will be the day we are able to ship the machine.

2. SunzonTech has a mature supply chain which response quickly. So we are able to coordinate all projects and provide you the shortest lead time.

3. The shortest lead time of SunzonTech is 14 days after the deposit!

What Is The Service?

1. SunzonTech will provide one year gurrantee and life long maintenance for all machines from SunzonTech. Parts will provide for free for period of warranty.

2. On site service is available in many areas such as Vietnam, Philippine, Mexico, Thailand etc.

3. SunzonTech will hear all requirement from customer and find every possible way to solve the problem. We are always hearing and supporting.

4. SunzonTech will update status of order periodically to let customer better know the status of their order.

Production Line

Production Line


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