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In the past few years, the wave of robots swept in and brought us unlimited illusions. People inside and outside the circle started to work hard in it and left a trace of themselves. This is most people’s. Thoughts, so far, some people have retired, and some people are still insisting. This is after all a reaction triggered by the revolution in the era of robots.

What is happening in the robot age? This is a question for robot entrepreneurs, and it is also a question for all robot professionals. One of the entrepreneurs said this: adjustment. He said that such words are based on such considerations: Affected by the international situation, the number of orders in the domestic market is decreasing, and the company can just enter the adjustment period, practice hard work, strive to soar and achieve good results. This is a very heavy word, because the rush of the robotics profession in the past few years left us with too many lessons to be compensated. This is what we must compensate during the adjustment period.

Another two words mentioned by an investor who values ​​the field of robotics are: noise, turnaround. Asked the reason, his answer was this. In the first half of 2018, the robotics industry still maintained an inertial growth at a compound growth rate of 58% in the early years, but suffered a huge decline in the second half of the year. This turning point may be even greater. Good promotion practitioners consider how the profession can develop in a healthy and sustainable manner, and how to carry out the joint development of themselves and their profession in a healthy manner, so as to provide customers with more value. This is also what we should clearly realize. We are in the era of robots. We should understand the basic rules of the robot profession. Don’t panic about what will happen next. We must do our current work well before we can compete. Win.

As a kind of robot, the placement machine is serving more and more enterprises in a relatively mature technical form. The era of robots has arrived. Everything that happened in the era of robots was invented by us. We should seize the opportunity to make the robotics industry solid and strive to achieve the goal of 2025 in China.

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