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In recent years, China's electronics manufacturing equipment industry has gone through a tortuous road from foreign introduction to digestion and absorption, as well as re-innovation. The design and manufacture of electronic equipment products are more and more high-end modular, networked and digital. It pursues higher processing and testing efficiency and smarter production lines. This is the unswerving vision of this industry.


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Among them, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) is one of the core technology of equipment automation control. 
With the rapid development of its own technology, it will play a more and more important tole in electronic manufacturing equipment to the entire electronic automation production line/assembly line. And it will eventually help the equipment manufacturers take a big step to achieve Industry 4.0.


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The electronics industry is diverse and the equipment required for PLC’s process ability to involve the processing of various devices. Electronic manufacturing equipment includes semiconductor equipment, optoelectronic equipment, electronic component equipment, SMT equipment, PCB equipment, environmental testing equipment, anti-static equipment, ultrasonic equipment, purification equipment, laser equipment and other electronic general equipment. As a typical OEM industry, the electronics manufacturing equipment industry involves many types of products. On the whole, the automation applications for the two sub-sectors of semiconductor devices, integrated circuit special equipment and electronic machine assembly equipment are relatively high. The automation products used include PLC, low-voltage inverter, HMI, and servo products. application.


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With the development of miniaturization and diversification of electronic products and the sharp rise in labor costs, the automatic electronic manufacturing equipment’s market demand will be higher in the future, and the demand for target products will continue to rise. PLC will be used in more and more electronic devices such as electronic components and electromechanical components, cleaning machines and welding machines.

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