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There are many SMT equipments including SMT loader, solder printer, pick and place machine, PCB conveyor, PCB unloader etc. on the SMT production line. The equipments are also divided into simple and fine compositions, which are determined according to the economic strength and production volume of PCB manufacturers, but there are some basic components that are necessary.

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The selection of SMT production line should be based on the type of product, output, and recent development plan.
First of all, it is necessary to clarify the electronic products, product types, product complexity, product components, and total annual output processed on the SMT production line; The establishment of new SMT production lines or the reconstruction of old SMT production lines or other actual conditions. Determine the scale of the SMT production line according to the actual situation and calculate the specific placement machine required. If it is rebuilt or expanded, see how much machine can be used. If there are plans to expand production in the near future, the production line should also consider scalability. Using the production conditions to determine the scale of the SMT production line.

Choose the SMT production line according to the density of electronic products, the type and number of components.
If you have high-density, narrow-pitch, multi-pin and large-sized SMD devices with special-shaped components, a multi-function placement machine would be recommended. If one multi-function pick and plcae machine cannot complete the task. A medium-speed pick and place machine or a high-speed pick and place machine should be taken into consideration.

Choose the SMT production line according to the product process flow.
The products on the SMT production line are relatively simple. When using pure surface assembly or single-sided mixed packaging technology, you can choose one welding equipment (reflow oven or wave soldering machine); If the product is complicated, the assembly density is high and double-sided processing need, when doing this process, two welding equipment would be recommended, such as reflow oven and wave soldering machine. If the product needs to be cleaned, cleaning equipment should also be configured.

Misunderstanding of choosing equipment on the SMT production line.
There always customers asking “which series of pick and plcae machines is the best” , “which reflow soldering series is the best”, “which solder paste printing machine is the best”. In fact, different products require different equipment, efficient high-speed pick and place machine, it will have ideal productivity and energy saving. If you are the boss, please carefully consider the feasibility of the equipment required by the engineer. Engineers should understand your production needs and try to choose cost-effective machines for enterprises.

The most important consideration is to select the SMT production line according to the conditions of the enterprise

If the funding conditions are scarce, the performance-price ratio of the machine equipment should be considered in high priority.

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