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solder paste printer
solder paste printer

Fully Automatic Visual solder paste printer auto solder machine ASE Solder paste printer for SMT production auto solder machine for PCB manufacturing

  • Humanized design solder paste printer
  • Wide application range strong versatility
  • Unique sprinkle automatic cleaning system
  • Efficient energy-saving wiping paper-saving solder paste printer structure
  • Unique image solder paste printer processing system
  • Intelligent printing product mode
  • Printing range: 400*340mm/510*340mm
  • Use international universal UVW three axis linkage platform
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Item Specifications
Model L15
Machine option Automatic add solder paste function.
Automatic stencil inspection function.
Automatic dispensing system.
Squeegee pressure feedback function.
Automatic MSE/SPI online function.
Automatic constant temperature and humidity function.
Screen frames Min Size 370x370mm
Max Size 737x737mm
Thickness 25~40mm
PCB Min Size 50x50mm
PCE Max Size 400x340mm
PCB thickness 0.4-6mm
PCU warpage <1%
Transport height 900±40mm
Transport direction Left-Right, Right-Left, Left-Left, Right-Right
Transport Speed Max 1500mm/S Programmable
Board Location Support System Magnetic Pin/Up-down table adjusted/ support block by hand
PCR Positioning Clamping System side clamping, vaccum nozzle
Print head Two independent motorized print heads
Squeegee Speed 6~200mm/sec
Squeegee Pressure 0-15Kg
Squeegee Angle 60°/55°/45°
Squeegee Type Stainless steel(Standard), plastic
Stencil Separation Speed 0.1-20mm/sec Programmable
Cleaning System Dry, Wet. Vacuum (Programmable)
Table Adjustment ranges X: ±10mm, Y: ±10mm, θ:±2°
CCD FOV 8*6 mm
Solder Paste Inspection 2D Inspection standard
Solder paste printer Machine
Repeat Position Accuracy ±0.01 mm
Printing Accuracy ±0.025 mm
Cycle Time <7s (Exclude Printing& Cleaning)
Product Changeover <5Min
Air Required 4.5~6Kg/cm²
Power Input AC:220+10%, 50/60HZ 3KW
Control Method PC control
Machine Dimensions 1220(L)X1375(W)X1500(H)mm
Machine Weight Approx:1000Kg

What Is The Lead Time?

1. SunzonTech always has many stocks of standard machine. So the day you order will be the day we are able to ship the machine.

2. SunzonTech has a mature supply chain which response quickly. So we are able to coordinate all projects and provide you the shortest lead time.

3. The shortest lead time of SunzonTech is 14 days after the deposit!

Why Choose SunzonTech?

1. SunzonTech is a leading PCB handling machine manufacturer in China.

SunzonTech is able to design, R&D and produce all types of PCB handling machine according to the requirement from customer.

2. All PCB handling machine will equip with strong material structure and famous brand parts.

3. SunzonTech is able to provide 3D drawing for customer who order customized PCB handling machine.

4. The customized machine will be 100% meet customer's requirement, no matter in material or parts.

5. OEM service is also allowed in SunzonTech.

6. SunzonTech is able to provide the most professional and cost saving proposal of PCB handling machine for your SMT production line.

What Is The Service?

1. SunzonTech will provide one year gurrantee and life long maintenance for all machines from SunzonTech. Parts will provide for free for period of warranty.

2. On site service is available in many areas such as Vietnam, Philippine, Mexico, Thailand etc.

3. SunzonTech will hear all requirement from customer and find every possible way to solve the problem. We are always hearing and supporting.

4. SunzonTech will update status of order periodically to let customer better know the status of their order.

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SunzonTech is a leading SMT (surface mount technology) machine supplier and SMT machine manufacturers in China. We have 17 years experienced in SMT machine design, R&D, manufacture and export.

We can also provide professional advice to establish a full SMT production line, as we have a rich of knowledge in the surface mount technology industry