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The mounter is one of the core machine of the entire smt production line. The normal and stable operation of mounter is related to the production capacity of the entire line. Therefore, the daily maintainance and the programming of mounter are important. Below SunzonTech will give you short introduction of SMT machine programming process.

Before programming the pick and place machine, you need to confirm the following information in advance:

1. Mounting location information: including tag number, coordinates, angle, etc. The customer will provide the corresponding BOM list, template, map file;

2. Basic information of PCB: such as length, width and thickness;

3. Mark point information: optical mark coordinates and parameters;

4. PCB board assembly information: how many PCBs contains in one processing PCB.

5. Material information: material item number, specifications and parameters;

Mounter programming steps: mounter programming has two steps, offline preparation and online debugging.

Offline preparation of SMT programming steps of the pick and place machine are as follows:

1. Prepare the BOM list provided by the customer. The pick and place machine programming needs to be completed on the computer. Electronic document in excel format is needed on this process.
2. Extract coordinates (Choose different corresponding operation methods according to the file provided by the customer)
2.1: If the customer sends the coordinates of an excel or txt document, you can directly use the programming software to merge the coordinates with the BOM;
2.2: If the customer sends a PCB file, you need to export the coordinates by yourself;
2.3: If the customer cannot provide coordinates information. You need to scan the PCB and save the file in CAD format and then synthesize the coordinates and BOM, check whether there are omission, dislocations, relocations etc. If the coordinates file still have problem, you would need to contact the customer again to confirm. If there are no problem, save it in the format required by the pick and place machine;

The online SMT programming debugging steps of the pick and place machine are as follows:

1. Import the program into the pick and place machine;

2. Find the origin and make a MARK;

3. Correct the coordinate position number;

4. Optimize the saving process, check the component direction and data again;

5. Running FAI to confirm the result;

SMT pick and place machine programming generally process according to the above two programming steps. For more knowledge about pick and place machines and surface mount technology, please contact:

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