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As we all know, the SMT pick and place machine is one of the most important and core machine in the entire SMT production line. Usually a line is composed of two or more SMT pick and place machines (determined by the component density of the produced product). Therefore, more than 70% of the cost of an entire SMT line is determined by the SMT pick and place machine. Therefore, the stability of the SMT pick and place machine determines the production capacity and efficiency, and also affects the production cost. In addition to the speed of the mounter, the placement machine affects the production capacity and In addition to efficiency, the most important thing is that the SMT pick and place machine throwing (also called chip rejection) affects the production capacity and efficiency of the pick and place machine. Below, SunzonTech will briefly introduce the reasons and solutions for the SMT pick and place machine throwing components.
1. Insufficient vacuum air pressure: Insufficient vacuum air pressure and leakage will cause unsmooth passage of the vacuum tube and cause unsuccessful retrieving or falling on the way after picking it up.

Solution: timely repair, clean up, and adjust the air pressure within the standard range as required.

2. The nozzle cup is damaged or dirty: The nozzle cup is damaged or has dirt, which will cause the nozzle to pick up materials unsuccessfully or the placement will be offset, which will affect the accuracy and quality of the placement.

Solution: regularly clean the nozzle cup's dirt, if damaged, replace it in time.

3. Incorrect picking height or picking place: If the picking position is not in the center of the electronic component material or the picking height is too high or low, the deviation caused by the incorrect picking job will let the component be determined as invalid.

Method: Adjust the picking position and adjust the picking height according to the characteristics of the electronic component.

4. Damaged of the vision system. If the camera's vision lens has dirt, it would interfere with recognition. Improper selection of the recognition light source or damage of the recognition system will also cause the throwing rate to increase.

Solution: Clean and wipe the surface of the recognition system, adjust the intensity and gray scale, repair or replace the recognition system.

5. Deformation, blockage, or damage of the suction nozzle will cause insufficient air pressure, resulting in unsuccessful suction or improper picking and throwing of materials. 

Solution: Replace the suction nozzle in time.

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