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No matter when we use machine equipment, we must maintain it. This can not only maintain the stability and accuracy of the equipment, but also extend the service life of the equipment. Of course, SMT pick and place machines are not exception. SunzonTech introduced the maintenance knowledge of the following information:

  1. Routine maintenance: Clean the surface of the equipment every day. Automatically warm up for at least 20 minutes every day before production. Check whether the moving parts of the SMT pick and place machine are in good connection and whether the screws are loose. Clean the surface of each sensor;
  2. Add lubricating oil to maintain active parts every week. Check whether the suction nozzles of SMT pick and place machines are clogged and add liquid oil. Clean laser head and camera lens.
  3. Monthly maintenance: Clean the machine head and replace the lubricant on the movable shaft; Clean the dirt on the moving parts. Replace the lubricant on the X and Y axes. Check whether the grounding wire is in good connection.
  4.  It is an annual inspection to check whether the power connection with the electrical box is good. Check the wear of devices of equipment and replace it for repair.
    Above are the maintenance summary of SMT pick and place machines in different periods. In order to make our equipment output with high efficiency and high quality, we must make the maintenance work in place.

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